We have been bringing added value to forests and forest owners since 1912. Our experienced advisors can help you – regardless of whether you want to maximise revenues or promote hunting or nature values.

The Swedish Forest Society Foundation – focus on sustainable development of land and forest resources

The Swedish Forest Society, dating back to 1912, is a foundation whose main objectives are to promote forest management and planning, biodiversity, and nature conservation.

The Swedish Forest Society Foundation is the owner of the Swedish Forest Society Group, made up of companies in Sweden, the Baltic states and Finland. Chair of the foundation is Björn Sprängare.

The Swedish Forest Society manages approximately 500,000 hectares of forests and forest land for private and public landowners, emphasising economic, ecological and social sustainability. Forests are managed according to each owner’s specific objectives and wishes, and the Swedish Forest Society has no ownership ties to sawmills or other forest industries. We have 25 offices throughout Sweden, from Vilhelmina in the north down to Hässleholm in the south.

Focus on research, development and innovations

In addition to managing properties on behalf of landowners, the foundation owns about 32,000 hectares of forest land on 30 estates in Sweden. On these we carry out sustainable forest management and host around 30 different research and development projects to test new methods and practices.

The foundation invests about SEK 15 million annually in funding of research and development projects in the fields of forest management and planning, forest ecology and nature conservation. This makes us one of the most important private funders of forest-related research in Sweden. Another of our activities is to stimulate the public debate regarding sustainable land and forest management.

Sustainable land and forest management – in Sweden and abroad

All the companies in the Swedish Forest Society Group contribute to the overall objective of the Swedish Forest Society Foundation, i.e. sustainable land and forest management.

Since 2002 the Swedish Forest Society has been operating in Latvia, where we help Swedish clients to invest in land and increase the land value by establishing sustainably-managed production forests. In 2014 we expanded our services to include Estonia and Lithuania. We are also active in Finland.

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